Paying you for buying a home

1% of the closing price (thousands!) – at the close of escrow, in the form of a rebate

Allow us to help with the process, while you control the decisions

We understand the way you shop for homes, paying you for the research you are already doing

Search For Homes In Nevada

How it works

how-it-works-4If you are outside of Nevada, we will find you an agent once you tell us what neighborhood you are interested in. See our FAQs for which states this is possible in. Simply put: We will match you with a hyper-local, fantastic real estate agent, who will do all of this for you. Why do we do it? Because we get a very very tiny referral fee. Referral fees can be 50% or more! We give you most of it – and match you with a person best suited to your needs.


NOTE: The 1% rebate is contingent on 1) 3% commission offered by the seller. 2) YOU, the homebuyer, doing a lot of the ‘legwork’. 3) A signed contract stating this at the beginning of working together. Without this signed contract, your Realtor (often me) will be working for you as a ‘standard’ real estate agent/Realtor, and am HAPPY to do this. This is ‘traditional’ real estate, where I will guide you through the entire process, show you every neighborhood you desire. The 1% back is more for people who want to learn much more about the process and be that much more involved, rather than passing it off to a professional. Happy to work with you either way YOU choose.