Daniel Hofstein has been working in real estate since 2008 when he originally got his broker/salesperson license and was initiated as a REALTOR®. For complete transparency – in 2012 Daniel Hofstein gave up his license to focus on other activities (a casino game he invented and going to school for a Master’s in Business Administration). In 2016, he reinitiated as a REALTOR® and is now promoting a few simple concepts in real estate:

  1. Full-service residential real estate specialty – referral program for Commercial. If we can’t help, we will find someone who can – in every state*.
  2. Giving home buyers approximately 1% back on the purchase of their home…literally paying you to use him as your (or find you a) REALTOR®*.
  3. Selling homes for 1%*.

Today’s home buyer has much of the same information at their fingertips that I as a REALTOR® have. Setting up a search through nearly any website – (I can help you with this), you get instant listings, meaning as soon as a new property hits the market, it is immediately sent to you. You know the same time every other REALTOR® knows. The way By the time they reach out to a REALTOR®, a lot of the work is already done…and if it isn’t, it is still a lot faster than physically driving to each location around town for a city tour. Daniel believes that these savings should be passed on to the consumer while providing the best services of negotiation, contract writing, and anything that comes up which makes each transaction unique.

Daniel Hofstein originally became a real estate agent in 2008. Since then, he has always believed in two core concepts: Transparency and free-will. Transparency requires honesty and breeds trust. Free-will means we all make our own decisions in life, and he believes this is the most important aspect of the human condition. Because of this, real estate is a perfect outlet because it allows him to set the tone for a process, help with negotiations and contract writing, teach and advise core concepts, while allowing the hard decisions (like how much to spend, where to buy, what is needed/wanted, etc.) to be left to the consumer – all the time being present to help/advise where needed.

Daniel’s Education

*where eligible. Most states, not all. However, even if we don’t make money, we will always help.